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Sophie Breslin
United Kingdom Oxfordshire

Hi there, I'm Sophie!

Are you or your young adult feeling ‘stuck’?  Got dreams and don’t know how, or lack the confidence, to reach for them?

I may be just the ticket you’re looking for!

When it’s time for change, or change happens to us, it can be scary and confusing to step into the unknown especially when everything seems pointless and we can’t see a safe way forward.

Maybe the security of everything you’ve previously known has suddenly disappeared due to a sudden or even predictable event in your life.  Or maybe you’re the parent or guardian of a young person who’s freshly out of education and feels immobilised by the enormity of the future, their choices and the responsibilities that come with independent living.

Whatever the stuck point is, I offer a compassionate, supportive and guided path to the realisation of your new dreamed life (or that of your young person).

We’ll look at your desires and the steps and fears involved in achieving them.  We’ll face into the limiting beliefs that paralyse you and the practical steps that are needed to get you there.

You’ll have a partner by your side, to help you through any feelings of isolation and discomfort, to help you shift your mindset into alignment with your goals.  We can also do the numbers – ‘Can I afford to make this change?’.

Why can I help you?  Because I’ve been there, in one shape or another.

I’ve been an educated youngster, looking to move out of my parent’s home.  I’ve been a single parent, a divorcee.  I’ve been afraid, motionless, confused but still Dreamful.

I’ve also been a female in engineering for 30 years, a project manager, a task-driver and a change ally.  I’ve contracted around the world, experienced many cultures, run my own company.  I’ve got hands-on in Africa on community building projects, mentored and personally sponsored young people, jumped out of aeroplanes and turned my hand to many things I thought weren’t possible. I live for and thrive on making change happen - living my own dreams too.

Currently operating between the UK and Corfu I mostly work with my clients online and am also am qualified in NLP and change management.

Dream big!   Buy your ticket!

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