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  1. Susan O’Connor
England LE4 3hJ

With 30 years of experience in the Corporate IT industry, latterly as Operations Director as well as being a licensed leadership coach, I now work with women to fulfil their full potential in leadership in Corporate IT or Tech.

🔸Typically women in IT come to me because they are frustrated that they are not making the progress in their career that they would like to. They are ambitious but don't feel that their organisation recognises their ambition or their potential. They work incredibly hard, often to the point of burnout, in the expectation that they will be seen and rewarded.

🔸 Organisations come to me as they recognise that they have untapped potential with the women in their organisation, and are struggling to retain them or see them move into leadership roles.

🔹Having seen first-hand the struggles women and organisations have around diversity, and how women's potential is often overlooked, I set up Shift Left Ltd. We focus on what empowers women, supporting them to grow into their potential and remain balanced.

🔸From an Organisational point of view, introducing my programmes will drive increased retention and improved finances as well as build a culture which will attract further talent.

🔸I bring my knowledge and expertise as a Senior Leader and a woman in IT. I know the struggles women have at all levels of IT, and I know the struggles organisations have with improving diversity. I know the language used, the situations that arise, and the challenges that are experienced. I 'get' what you say and need.

✨What my clients say...

✨ 'I have benefited immensely from Susan’s fantastic coaching. She has been instrumental in helping me set boundaries so I could have a better work-life balance and she’s introduced me to a myriad of techniques to help me progress in my career and to understand what I want to pursue next.
✨Susan is extremely passionate about helping others and I would highly recommend Susan as she is just brilliant
✨Susan’s coaching came at just the right time for me; she was able to empathise with me and provide truly insightful advice and direction as well as great tools for moving forwards. It made such an amazing difference to me, my outlook on life and my strength to take on new challenges successfully.

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