Sue Wald

  1. Sue Wald

I am now a women's life coach after many years working as a GP. I love helping tired women in mid-career use their innate strengths to find more time, a deeper purpose, and build a life they love.

I live in Canberra, Australia, with my husband and at times (with various lockdowns) my adult son. I have also lived in and have connections in South Australia and North Queensland, but I can offer online coaching anywhere.

I love the way the One of Many coaching model is so empowering and supportive of us as women and gets to the core of what blocks us from our full potential.

Before being a coach, I have worked as a GP in many settings, including mainstream clinical practice, an older persons mental health team, community child health, indigenous health, drug and alcohol general practice, and I particularly loved working on community teams. I was also a senior medical educator. In my leisure time I am an avid reader and I love going for walks in our beautiful "bush capital". I also love dabbling in all sorts of learning- I am a MOOC junkie!

I am a little introverted but enjoy getting to know and learn about others. I see myself as practical, caring, and curious, and I am particularly interested in working with women mid- career, as I have 'been there done that' . If this interests you, I  would love to meet you and have a chat about possibilities!


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