Raffaella Sala

  1. Raffaella Sala
Italy I-20900

Raffa is a dedicated HR professional and experienced coach with over 25 years in Human Resources within multinational companies and over a decade of coaching leaders. She specializes in empowering women to rediscover their purpose and navigate their career challenges with confidence and clarity.

As a certified ACC ICF (International Coach Federation) coach for the past 7 years, Raffa brings a wealth of expertise to her coaching practice. She offers coaching sessions in both English and Italian and also speaks Spanish and French, making her accessible to a diverse, multi-cultural range of clients.

Raffa's coaching approach is deeply rooted in understanding the unique barriers women face in the workplace. She partners with her clients to identify and overcome these obstacles, aligning their career paths with their core values and authentic selves. Together, you will work to bring your genuine best self to both your professional and personal life, ensuring that your career choices resonate with your true desires and aspirations.

Available for virtual coaching, Raffa is ready to guide you on your journey to fulfillment, authenticity, and harmonizing your work with your values. Let's reignite your purpose and reclaim your space and energy in the professional world!

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