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Michele Pavey
England Norwich

Michele works in partnership with women in midlife, who are re-evaluating what really matters to them and who want to get clear on how to achieve the life they want to live.  Sometimes they feel stuck or dissatisfied knowing that there is more to the life they are currently living but they are not sure how to move forward.

With years of life experience under our belts, midlife should, and can, be one of the most rewarding times of our life. However, it can also be a time of transitions whether this relates to family, career or relationships. It often leads women to question their role or purpose and to wonder 'what's next for me'?

Founder of True Potential Women's Coaching, Michele is passionate about women having the opportunity to reach their potential to live truly fulfilling lives.  Giving women time and space to really explore what they want, what might be holding them back and how any barriers can be overcome is a priority.

With over 30 years of people management experience and a career change in her late 50's Michele is committed to helping women make midlife their best life.






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