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Dr Hannah Roberts
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Helping scientific women struggling with "what next?" to achieve purposeful career direction by restoring confidence and developing a 5 year action plan.| Coaching | Workshops | Facebook Group ‘Breakthrough Unleashed’ |

Struggling to manage it all?

Feeling lost when it comes to, ‘what’s next?’

Hi I’m Hannah, I coach women like you to achieve purposeful career direction that feels fulfilling and fits the context of your whole life.

You’re intelligent, highly skilled and creative. You put your whole-self into work because you care about the outcomes.

You love that spark when you connect strands of ideas and assimilate them into something new.

Until now, you’ve been procrastinating, and in many ways, the choice has been taken out of your hands.

You want to step up and be able to handle pressure with ease. To make a difference and leave a legacy that others will be inspired by. But at this pivotal point, you've developed behaviours that are hindering your progress.

That’s where I come in. My 6-month LEGACY programme is individually tailored to your personal history and intentions. Discover what's keeping you stuck and get tools to overcome those patterns of thoughts, behaviours and emotions once and for all. From this confident position, develop a 5-year career action plan mapped back to achievable milestones.

I’ll take you step by step and show you exactly what you need to do to realise your vision and build huge momentum towards your goals within 6 months.

It consists of 12 1hr fortnightly 1:1 coaching sessions via video conference, phone or in person. Integration activities and a personalised toolkit of resources to ensure longevity to our work together.

When I was young, I equated achievement with love. For most of my adult life, I operated at 200 mph, relentlessly pushing to prove myself. As a pregnant postdoc, I had not only lost the confidence to continue with an academic career, but I needed security and work-life harmony.

I found coaching so transformational that I went through a rigorous 12-month coaching qualification and I’m now a regulated coach. I absolutely love coaching I find it such a privilege to be part of other’s personal development journeys.

Being so analytical, I score your intentions on a fortnightly basis to ensure progression towards your goals. Coaching is primary present and future focused but where barriers to your progression hinder your momentum, I quickly bridge the gap between counselling and coaching to help you move past these points swiftly.

If you’re ready to make your 5-year road map, and overcome what's keeping you stuck, simply drop me a message for more details.

Get started with a 15-minute consultation call.

Step into you. The REAL you. With confidence.

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