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Dr Alison Sabine
United Kingdom WR2

Alison has been a Rheumatologist for more than 25 years, having worked as a doctor within the NHS for over 30 years. She recognises the value of conventional medicine but also sees a need to 'go upstream' to get to the root cause of people's health concerns. She has trained as a Health Coach and Nordic Walking Instructor, as well as in Functional Medicine and discovered what she considers to be ‘the missing piece’ through her One of many trainings to become a Coach and Trainer. She understands the mind body connection, impact of past trauma and importance of taking a whole person approach to our health and wellbeing. Alison is passionate about NHS staff wellbeing. She knows the impact of burnout and what it takes to find the courage to change your career path. She has shaped a portfolio career and is committed to her mission to inspire and empower women to step up to make the difference they wish to see in the world. If you want to feel more in control, spend less time in overwhelm, manage your time more effectively so you achieve a better work life balance then why not make contact to discuss how we can vision your future, identify important milestones and get you to where you want to be!


---"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be" Lao Tzu ---


"Alison is an empathetic, kind, and wise coach, and an invaluable guide. I felt safe in her hands, and she made such a staggering difference in such a relatively short amount of time...she worked some serious magic to help me gain perspective and insights on a number of personal and work issues that I would never have been able to achieve on my own. In light of these revelations, there has been a major shift in how I see myself, and the value I place on who I am and what I can do." --RJ


"Alison is gentle, patient, kind, warm, respectful, knowledgeable, and focused. Considering coaching with Alison? Go for it!"--SD

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