Amanda Jayne Harman

  1. Amanda Jayne Harman
Hitchin, United Kingdom SG4 7LA

Amanda, or AJ as they now prefer to be known, is a neurodivergent and non-binary coach, working predominantly with people with Autism spectrum condition (ASC), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and/or gender diversity issues. Diagnosed with these conditions in their fifties, and with two neurodivergent children, AJ really ‘gets’ not only the challenges that come with neurodivergency, but also the amazing strengths and abilities involved. Their vision is for neurodiversity to be as recognised and as accepted as racial diversity and sexual diversity, and for neurodivergent people to be celebrated rather than either ignored or commiserated with for their ‘deficits’.


Along with neurodivergency comes hyper-focus, and AJ’s favourite hyper-focus time is spent researching all there is to know about neurodiversity and gender diversity, and developing programmes to use the amazing One of many™ tools to help clients get their day-to-day life sorted, so that they can realise and reach their full potential.

As well as coaching, AJ has been a freelance editor, proof-reader, writer and book project manager for over two decades in their two other businesses, Life Lines Editorial Services and The Naked Editor. As a result, they have a particular interest in helping neurodivergent clients to unlock their innate creativity in business and in their leisure time, and to manage their finances and/or businesses in a way that's aligned with their own particular values, needs and strengths.

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