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United Kingdom Deal, Kent; London

Want to live a bigger, juicier, more creative life?

A successful writer and journalist as well as editor of The Face and The Observer magazine, I have also been a coach for over 15 years, working mainly with self-employed creatives, and women who want to lead more creative lives.

I’ve worked with musicians, writers, actors, artists and designers, helping them get through creative blocks, overcome burnout and overwhelm, or prepare for upcoming projects, whether that’s a new novel, album, tour, film – or just clearing out the spare room and making space in a busy life to start that project you've always dreamed of making.

Confidentiality is important to my more famous clients, so I don’t ever name them, but over the years I’ve worked with many Grammy and Brit award winners, with actors and directors who have Oscars and Olivier awards, and also with artists whose journey is just beginning. As a journalist I’ve interviewed everyone from Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson to Madonna, Katy Perry and Beyoncé as well as writers, artists, architects, fashion designers, directors, athletes, chefs, entrepeneurs, DJs – and I've learned from all of them.

I love hearing people’s stories, and I’m equally comfortable helping a singer stuck on writing their second album, or a mum looking to find her direction after the kids have started school or left home. And if you’re feeling like you’ve lost your mojo, I can definitely help you find it again!

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“I had been stuck on what felt like a merry-go-round for probably a good two decades, following the same patterns that weren’t serving me. Undermining myself, missing opportunities, making myself feel small and feeling I was merely surviving life, with no spare time or money. Sheryl has helped me to stop, step back, observe and realise I have choices, and I can work towards goals that will serve me better. The changes have come quickly – once I decided what I wanted, it was easy.

“She helped me find the strength and courage to make the changes I’d been avoiding making in my business, and as a result I have nearly doubled my income, as well as gaining more spare time. I have more confidence and have learned the communication skills to get my needs met without conflict. I am so much happier, and people are commenting that I look younger and am glowing.

“Sheryl is a great communicator, very perceptive and quickly earned my trust. I highly recommend that everyone have her give their life the once-over!”  – Lisa B, massage therapist

“For years I juggled running a poetry festival with family life and earning enough to live. Although I worked long days with few days off, I loved what I did and just about kept my head above water. But my energy levels and resilience were low, and it didn’t take much to knock me off-balance. I began to feel overwhelmed by my workload, out of control, depressed and increasingly lacking in confidence. It became a downward spiral that resulted in feeling paralysed by fear and desperation.

“When I signed up with Sheryl, I believed in my heart that I was beyond help. But each week she listened to my fears, and helped me develop strategies to cope. She peeled back the layers of insecurity that had closed in around me. Each week she was there to help me put what I was learning into practice, supporting, challenging and guiding me. She gave me the awareness to recognise when my life is moving out of balance, and the tools to help me bring it back on track.

“I look back at myself three months ago, and I can’t recognise that person. I want to thank Sheryl from the bottom of my heart for helping me find myself again.” – Beth C, literary festival director


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