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Helen Leathers

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With such busy lives it’s natural to feel exhausted. We juggle life, we’re pulled in every direction, and we feel guilty whatever we do. Despite this busy-ness we often feel like something is missing.

If, like me, you’d rather feel energised, connected and fulfilled, then I’d love to help get you back on track. Or perhaps, on track for the first time.

Imagine living more in flow with life, and being able to trust that the universe has our back every step, fully believing that beauty and serendipity are all around us, all of the time.

It’s time to reconnect, with ourselves, with each other, with life, and with the universe – or whatever you would like to call that huge energy out there. Yes, sometimes it seems to send hurdles, challenges and curve balls, but at other times it feels like it’s totally on our side, sending the right people at the right times, as if by magic.

Wouldn’t you love to have more of the magic and less of the hurdles. Wouldn’t you LOVE to feel inspired, guided and fulfilled every day.

I’m a transformational coach, lifelong intuitive and author of multiple books. I’ve also done the ‘superwoman’ thing in the past, so I know first-hand how life can get in the way and overwhelm us all. And I have a practical, down-to-earth approach, so it’s not all airy-fairy and crystal balls. Believe me, energy, clarity and purpose are yours for the taking.

"Before the program I had a whole mass of vague directions from people about how to make things better. It was a mass of colour and hard to pin down real ways to make a change. I didn’t know how to be myself, love myself, spend time with myself .... Now, life is new. Life is beginning. Life is mine. Life is balanced and a happier me means that every other part of my life benefits." (V.A. Shropshire)

As well as being a One of Many Certified Coach I am a business owner, author, trainer and speaker. I offer training in confidence, stress management, and empowerment as well as business start up and growth.

On a personal note I love to travel, dance, meet new people and cook. I am always learning and currently undertaking a degree in psychology and philosophy.

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Phone: 07940 826262