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Mary Hall
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Hi, I’m Mary and I help to Restore, Renew and Re-energise Female Health Professionals. I have worked in the NHS for over 14 years. Since having children and trying to balance work and home life, I repeatedly experienced severe fatigue and burnout.

After exploring every avenue, it was coaching that helped me to explore my situation, gave me confidence and empowered me to make effective and sustainable changes. Since working through this, I saw my job in a different light, I began enjoying my days off, had the energy to spend time with friends and family and ultimately began re-loving life.

I subsequently realised that what I was experiencing was very common amongst healthcare workers and as a result directed me to specialising in this area of coaching. My personal experience along with my qualifications and NHS background has ignited my passion in supporting female health professionals who are experiencing burnout, emotional fatigue, exhaustion and self-neglect.

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