Joanna Rawbone MSc

  1. Joanna Rawbone MSc
United Kingdom Ashford, TN23 1RD

As a qualified and experienced Executive Coach with the AoEC,  Joanna works with senior through to middle management clients.  These clients work with Joanna through their corporate contract or as a private client. She continues her CPD with the AoEC

As a certified Confidence Coach, Joanna works with individuals at all levels and at all stages of life.  Currently, she also has female clients in the 50+ age group who've realised that their time has come and are ready to create their new direction.

Joanna has been an Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer since having been trained by Mike Dooley of 'TUT' fame since early 2014, the first time he brought his training to the UK.

Joanna focuses on using a marginal gain approach in her coaching as experience has taught her that these profound cumulative changes are easier to embed into daily practice. She is renowned for helping people to get out of their own way so that they can make necessary changes.

Recent clients have has this to say about working with Joanna

‘I had no idea when I started that our coaching would result in me reducing my working week whilst maintaining income level, my health being a top priority (including rejoining the gym, getting a personal trainer and getting back to a favourite sport), feeling able to cope and move on from my relationship and have so much energy I have added a new income stream to my business that is launching next year.  If you are thinking of working with Jo, get ready for an energising, enlightening, soul nourishing and highly rewarding experience.  You’ll be so glad you did.' Alison, Kent

'Jo is the go to coach for those who really want to dig deep into what is keeping them stuck in their business, careers or life. She is insightful, practical and down to earth and really knows how to keep you on track in a gentle yet firm way. Jo helped me get to my inner child and free her in order to allow my business to open. Without her I would still be trying to figure out why it is not happening and working hard in the wrong way. Jo has a light and gentle energy which caresses you, even when she is firmly pushing you out of your comfort zone and into your productive zone. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jo as a coach, she is priceless and gives you so much value for your time and energy.' Maggie, Scotland

Joanna holds a Masters in Change Agent Skills & Strategies, a course of study that incorporated John Heron's Six Categories of Intervention. Other disciplines included ing TA, NLP & Gestalt. She is also a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL).

Jo runs a successful and busy practice in Ashford, Kent and works with an international client base. If you are serious about making changes in your life effortlessly, contact Jo to explore your options.


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